Mold Service in Alabama

There are few things that can ruin the quality of your home like mold. Mold is a pervasive type of fungus that flourishes with moisture. Once mold has invaded your home, it can be exceptionally difficult to eradicate. This is why you need to be proactive and contact Custom Pest Control and schedule a mold inspection/assessment. Our Mold Inspector will provide you with a detailed inspection report.

Mold specifically grows with continued exposure to water. Without water, mold spores have no opportunity to multiply. Therefore, issues with mold are directly related to problems with moisture in your home. This moisture can come from many sources. In some cases, water may get into your home through leaky pipes or cracks in the foundation. Mold is most common in kitchens and bathrooms, where water is used more often. Basements are also prone to problems. This is because damp air does not rise, and the lingering moisture in the air can lead to growth.

Too many people wait until mold becomes visible to take action. When mold is left unchecked, it can grow in thick patches. These patches are often brown or black, but other varieties also exist. In addition to seeing mold, you may be able to smell it. Mold can be accompanied by a musty smell, which is the moisture the mold uses to grow. In some cases, mold may grow under other surfaces in your home like wallpaper or carpet. When this occurs, the problem can fester. Our inspectors can check for the presence of mold you may have missed otherwise.

Mold prevention is essential for every home or business. First, you must address moisture. Fix cracks in the foundation, walls or pipes. Make sure your windows are secure to keep the elements out. If water or other liquid is spilled, clean it up immediately. In areas where the air is moist, try a dehumidifier to drain some of that moisture out. Also, clean your sinks, drains, faucets and other areas that come into contact with water on a regular basis. These measures cannot prevent all problems, but they can minimize your risk.

If you see mold or moisture, fix the problem immediately so there is no additional moisture. Then, clean the area thoroughly. Soap and water can be used to start, but more advanced cases may need to be addressed with further interventions. You may have to remove the carpet or drywall in affected areas, and you should also be sure to clean the surrounding areas as a precaution. Mold spores can start off too small to see. Severe growths can be attacked with a bleach solution. If the mold is not fully removed, it may grow back. Always use protective gear when addressing mold issues. If mold gets into your lungs, it can make you very sick.

Sometimes the mold and fungus can be present in wall voids, crawl space joists and other structures of the home which may elude a homeowners inspection. If you suspect a mold problem, a professional is recommended. Improper treatment could result in a homeowner spreading the spores to other areas of the home or making the spores airborne and cause more serious injury.

Custom Pest Control can provide service for mold removal throughout northeastern Alabama. The experts at Custom Pest Control are fully equipped to handle your mold issues, and they are capable of eradicating even the most stubborn growth. This is the best way to ensure that your home or business is truly free from mold. To learn more about mold service, contact Custom Pest Control for help.