Termite Report (AWIR)

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Need an AWIR (Alabama Wood Infestation Report)?

Most Real Estate Closings require an inspection from a licensed-Bonded Termite Company. This report must be completed prior to 30 days of your Closing. This report is sometimes referred to as a TERMITE LETTER or a CLOSING LETTER. This report identifies any visible signs of an Active or previous infestation of:

• Eastern Subterranean Termites
• Dry Wood Termites
• Wood Decay fungus
• Powder Post Beetles
• Old House Borers

At Custom Pest Control, we will provide you with:

• A prompt inspection of your property
• A written diagram of the Structure

An Official Alabama Wood Infestation Report:

• If any problems are found, a written estimate to correct any deficiencies
• 24 Hr phone number for EMERGENCY CLOSINGS
• Free Pest Control Service (performed up to 90 days after close)

Custom Pest Control will GUARANTEE our Reports Accuracy

If your Report expires prior to your closing, then Custom Pest Control, LLC will re-inspect and re-issue a second report for only $45 if requested within 90 days of the initial inspection.

If the Inspected Property shows signs of a previous treatment by any company and is found to have a live infestation of Termites, Dry-wood Termites, Wood Decay Fungus, Powder Post Beetles or Old House Borers after being cleared by us within 90 days of the Inspection Report, then Custom Pest Control, LLC will Retreat the Structure according to State Requirements, to solve the problem, at NO CHARGE.

If the Inspected property has never been treated by anyone and is found to have a live infestation of Termites, Drywood Termites, Wood Decay Fungus, Powder Post Beetles or Old House Borers that we cleared within 90 days of the Inspection, then Custom Pest Control, LLC will Treat the Entire Structure for such infestation at NO CHARGE.

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Each Report is ONLY $175 and comes with a FREE "Move in" pest control service, valid within 90 days of your closing. Call us today at 256-293-4143.