Rodent Control in Boaz, AL

Little Rodents Can Be A Big Problem

Most people understand that finding rodents in your Huntsville house isn’t good, but few realize just how bad it can be. Rodents are dangerous pests that cause illness, introduce parasites into your surroundings, and create costly damage to your home. If rodents are in your house, contact Custom Pest Control to get them out.

Our Rodent Control Offerings

a pest control service technician installing a rodent bait station at the exterior walls of a home


Before beginning any service, we’ll inspect your Northern Alabama property to determine where the rodents are and how they are getting inside. We do this through visual inspection, as well as with the help of a UV light that we use to track rodents. Once we’ve gathered the information we need, we’ll recommend a treatment plan to solve your rodent problem.


Eliminating the rodents from your home is the first step in keeping them out. Custom Pest Control uses trapping and baiting to accomplish this task. Trapping occurs both inside and out, while we install locked bait boxes outside every 20 feet. We monitor these traps and boxes for activity.


Once we remove the rodents in your home, it’s vital to seal the entry points they were using to get inside. If you leave this step out, you will soon have another rodent problem to deal with. We perform exclusion work in attic and rooftop locations to ensure that rodents can no longer access the inside of your house.

Keep Your Huntsville Home Rodent-Free

Whether you are dealing with mice or rats, Custom Pest Control can remove them from your house and make sure they can’t get back inside in the future. Because of the many problems they cause, you must take quick action when you suspect that rodents are inside your home. For rodents in your commercial property, Custom Pest Control offers comprehensive commercial pest control plans in Huntsville, AL. Contact us to schedule an inspection.


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