Bat Identification Guide

What are bats?

Bats are the only species of flying mammal living in the United States. Like other warm-blooded mammals, bats are covered in hair and give birth to and nurse their young. Bats come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Most species grow to between two and five inches in length, have bodies covered in tan, brown, gray, or black fur, and have leathery wings void of hair. Bats are mainly nocturnal, and most species feed on a variety of nuisance night-flying insects – helping to control their populations. 

a little brown bat inside a home

Are bats dangerous?

Bats are dangerous because they carry and transmit a wide variety of diseases, including rabies, which is harmful to people and pets. Bats are also problematic because they carry parasites like mites, fleas, and bat bugs onto properties and into homes. Another way that bats cause health problems in people is through their feces. In their feces is a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum, which causes serious health problems and lung disease.

Why do I have a bat problem?

Bats, like other wild animals, become a problem on properties that offer them easy access to food and shelter. Bats like to roost and nest in quiet, dark places. Our homes, yards, and outbuildings often provide them with appropriate places to nest. Our gardens, trees, vegetation, ponds, and pools act as hunting grounds for bats. Commercial properties can also have bat infestations for these same reasons.

Where will I find bats?

Outside, bats live in caves, rock crevices, hollow trees, and roof eaves. Bats that find their way inside to nest choose secluded places like attics, chimneys, crawlspaces, and spaces behind walls.

How do I get rid of bats?

Get rid of bats by partnering with the trusted experts at Custom Pest Control. For over 20 years, we have been helping home and business owners maintain pest-free properties. If you are looking for a personal approach to pest control, look no further.

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How can I prevent bats in the future?

The best way to prevent problems with bats is to partner with a local pest control professional and implement the following prevention tips in and around your Huntsville, Alabama home: 

  • Keep tight-fitting caps on chimneys.
  • Repair holes along the roofline.
  • Fix loose or missing roof shingles or siding on your house.
  • Repair all loose or torn screens.
  • Place bat houses on your property away from the outside walls of your home.
  • Partner up with a pest control expert to help reduce insect populations on your property.

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