How To Prevent Rodent Infestations In Huntsville The Easy Way

October 30, 2022

Rodents are more than a nuisance to have around. They not only pose a serious health threat with the numerous diseases they can transmit, but they can cause an extraordinary amount of damage to your home, potentially costing you a fortune in unforeseen structural repairs.

At Custom Pest Control, we provide the most effective pest control in Huntsville to successfully eliminate a rodent infestation on your property. We use the latest tools and up-to-date procedures to tackle your pest problems quickly. Read on to learn more about rodents, what attracts them to your property, and how to prevent them.

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What Animals Are Considered Rodents?

Many people are familiar with the most common types of rodents, like mice, rats, and hamsters. However, there are many different species of rodents that many may not be as familiar with, which include:

  • Chinchillas
  • Squirrels
  • Porcupines
  • Voles
  • Lemmings
  • Chipmunks
  • Beavers
  • Muskrats

Additionally, woodchucks, prairie dogs, and guinea pigs, among others, are a part of the rodent family. A knowledgeable and experienced pest control specialist can comprehensively inspect your property to determine the species and plan a specific elimination strategy.

Why Are Rodents In My Garden?

Rodents constantly search for favorable conditions, which involves finding a comfortable shelter where they can build nests and find food and water easily. Before rodents make their way into your home, their first stop is your yard. And if you have a thriving, colorful garden, it will be difficult getting rodents to leave. The biggest reason is that it simulates their natural prairie or woodland habitat. Plus, your garden provides an abundance of food while your sprinklers and hoses supply plenty of water. And if that wasn’t enough, the vegetation offers an excellent shelter. So, given all of your garden's benefits, it’s no wonder rodents want to make it their permanent home.

However, if the goal is to evict all rodents from your garden immediately, contact professional pest management for effective rodent control.

Are Rodents Damaging My Home?

With razor-sharp claws and teeth that can gnaw into fiberglass, soft concrete, and electrical wiring, rodents have the potential to cause significant damage to the internal structures of your home. Rodents chew on anything they find helpful in building a nest. That means none of your items are off-limits; books, wood, paper, cloth, plastic, leather, metal, and brick! In addition, their urine and feces not only stink up your entire house but can also make you and your family ill, especially from direct exposure. Rodents carry a variety of diseases, like hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and leptospirosis.

Contact your local pest control for rodents in Huntsville immediately at the first sign or sighting of these pests around your property.

How To Stop A Rodent Infestation From The Start

Discouraging rodents from making a pit stop at your place and staying a while always starts with prevention. Many homeowners are unaware that their daily behaviors could attract rodents and other pests to their homes. Make sure to declutter your yard of debris, collect fallen fruit quickly, seal cracks and holes, fix leaky hoses and pipes, secure your trash bins, clean up all food and beverage spills, and place leftovers in airtight storage containers.  

And most importantly, always partner with a reputable pest management company to ensure you stay rodent-free. At Custom Pest Control, we’ve been providing reliable and effective solutions to get rid of rodents for over 25 years. Our friendly and approachable staff treat customers like family. No contract is required. Your home is our home, and our mission is to restore tranquility and peace to your living spaces again. Reach out to us today to request your free inspection.

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