The Most Effective Way To Keep Mice Out Of Your Huntsville Home

November 27, 2020

Pest problems can be hard to spot until they’ve gotten out of hand and by then some real damage can be done to your health and property. With rodents like mice, the best way to control them is to keep them out in the first place. To arm you with the knowledge you need to do just that, we’ll have to take a look at how mice infestations form and what dangers they pose.

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The Common House Mouse: What To Know

Mice are one of the most common types of home-invading pests out there. Homes are almost never infested with more than one type of rodent at a time since they don’t like to compete for food and shelter. Mice, specifically, are much smaller than the larger common rodent: rats. Unlike rats, which can grow up to a foot in length, mice typically only grow to a couple of inches. They make up for their small size with the ability to quickly grow their populations. A mature female mouse can have a litter of pups every 6-8 weeks, meaning a small pest problem can quickly turn into a much larger one. As their numbers grow, the problems mice can cause are compounded.

The Dangers Of Mice Infestations

Don’t let their small size and furry faces fool you, mice are dangerous. Not only can they cause damage to your property, but their mere presence in your home can also lead to health hazards. Here are just some of the problems that mice are known to cause:

  • Damage: Like all rodents, mice have front teeth that never stop growing. To keep them filed to a manageable length, they bite and scrape them on anything they can fit in their mouths. This leads to damage to household items and furnishings.
  • Disease: Just like rats, mice are some of the worst transmitters of disease in the world. In addition to plague, salmonella, and rabies, mice can be infested with ticks and fleas, which also pose health risks.
  • Odor: It doesn’t take long for the smell of mice urine and feces to permeate a home, even more so if they’ve nested somewhere in the walls or ventilation shafts, which is very common.

Rodent Prevention Tips For Your Home

Since they can cause some serious problems for your household, it’s important to take a proactive approach to prevent mice infestations. While only professionals can provide guarantees of protection, here are some steps you can take around your home to reduce the likelihood of a mice infestation:

  • Food Storage: Mice are foraging pests, meaning they seek out even tiny traces of food or water to sustain themselves. Keeping your food stored in secure areas and sturdy containers will reduce a mouse’s access to your food.
  • Trash Storage: The same goes for the waste leftover from our meals. Mice aren’t embarrassed to dig through your trash can and a dumpster, so keep these areas secured as well. 
  • Declutter: Any excess piles of debris or clutter, both inside your home and out in the yard, can provide mice with areas to hide and nest. Keep storage areas clear and lawn debris stored away from your house.

Ultimate Protection From Custom Pest Control

With so much to be concerned about in order to truly stay protected from mice, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed and out of your element. Luckily, you’ve got local experts who are just a call away. At Custom Pest Control, our friendly staff can answer your questions and provide even more tips on how to keep mice out of your home. We can get started on a peace-of-mind inspection right away and, if any problems are spotted, work quickly to secure your home from pests. Don’t let mice damage your Huntsville home and harm your health, contact Custom Pest Control right now!

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