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a brown recluse spider crawling on a desk

Huntsville's Complete Guide To Brown Recluse Spider Control

August 13, 2021

One of the most dangerous spiders in the country is the brown recluse. It is one of only three spiders whose bite can cause “medically significant” symptoms and injury (meaning their venom is capable of causing issues severe enough to require medical intervention to avert permanent damage). ... Read More

bed bug inspection

Are These Bed Bugs In My Huntsville Home?

July 30, 2021

When bed bugs get into your Huntsville home, it can be difficult to know that you have them. There are many ways these bugs are secretive. Today, we're going to take a look at the secretive nature of bed bugs and help you decipher the signs of an infestation.... Read More

cockroach on bathroom tile

Five Signs Your Huntsville Home May Have A Cockroach Problem

June 15, 2021

Are the stories true? Can they really live for a week without their head? Do they actually survive sub-zero temperatures? Are they going to be the only thing left after “the big one”? While some myths about cockroaches have grown over the years, others are true. They really can live for up to a week without a head and survive harsh, freezing temperatures. As far as “the big one,” let’s hope we never find out.... Read More

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