Flea Identification Guide

What are fleas?

Fleas are flightless, tiny parasitic pests that feed on the blood of animals. People are not their preferred hosts, but if we are available, they will bite us and feed on our blood. Adults grow to between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch. They have a hard, narrow bodies, which makes them very difficult to squish. Fleas have six legs, with the back pair being very powerful, helping them to jump to great heights and enabling them to move throughout the fur of their host. 

several fleas crawling through the fur of a dog

Are fleas dangerous?

Fleas are unwanted and aggravating pests. In the United States, they are not a major medical concern but are capable of transmitting some bacterial diseases. The biggest health concerns that fleas create include transferring tapeworms to people and animals. Also, heavy infestations cause pets to become anemic and very ill. In addition, many people and animals are allergic to flea saliva, and their bites leave behind itchy, red rashes. Fleas can also pose problems for your commercial property, but Custom Pest Control can help mitigate the danger.

Why do I have a flea problem?

Fleas can become a problem on any DeKalb County property whether pets are present or not. These tiny insects get onto properties carried in by wild animals like mice, squirrels, raccoons, and skunks. Once on your property, they will jump onto your pets, you, or your kid’s clothing or shoes and are then brought into your home. Fleas can live very successfully indoors, and only a few can lead to a large infestation. 

Where will I find fleas?

Fleas spend most of their lives on the backs of an animal host. When they’re not on a host, they are on the ground, waiting for a new host to happen by. Outside fleas hide in shady, damp areas like tall grass, under leaves, and in the dirt under decks and dense vegetation. Campgrounds, parks, dog parks, wooded areas, and athletic fields are all places where people and our pets can come into contact with fleas. Inside, fleas hide in the cracks of floors, in rugs, behind baseboards, in upholstered furniture, and blankets and bedding.

How do I get rid of fleas?

Get rid of fleas by partnering with the trusted experts at Custom Pest Control. For over 20 years, we have been helping home and business owners maintain pest-free properties. If you are looking for a personal approach to pest control, look no further.

At Custom Pest Control, we customize our home pest control programs to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. Let our family protect your family from North Alabama’s toughest pests! For more information about our flea control service, reach out to Custom Pest Control, and speak with one of our friendly professionals today.

How can I prevent fleas in the future?

The best way to prevent problems with fleas is to partner with a professional and implement the following prevention tips in and around your Huntsville, Alabama home.

  • Treat all pets, year-round, with a flea preventative product under the guidance of their veterinarian.
  • Bathe and groom pets frequently.
  • Vacuum your home regularly, especially in the areas where your pets spend the most time.
  • Routinely wash pet bedding.
  • Keep pets off of furniture and beds as much as possible.
  • Do not purchase used rugs and upholstered furniture for your home.
  • Keep your grass cut short and remove dense vegetation. 

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