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Effective Pest Control Solutions For Toney, AL Properties

Toney, AL, is a small town located just under 15 miles from Huntsville. The homes are pretty, the people are nice, and life here is simple and calm. However, pest activity can shake things up, and not in a good way. Pests are a year-round presence here in Toney, and that exposes you to the threat of pest infestation. If you want to protect your home or business from pest infestation, there’s really only one way to go: professional pest control services.

Custom Pest Control, is here to help! Since 1994, we’re been providing complete pest coverage to homes and businesses throughout Madison County, and the surrounding areas. We are a locally owned and operated company that places a great deal of importance on top-of-the-line pest protection, and superb customer service. No matter what pest problem you’re facing, we’re here to help. From bed bug treatments and termite control to moisture inspection and mold remediation, you can count on us. Call us today to learn more.

Home Pest Control In Toney, AL

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Your Toney home is a refuge for pests, as it provides ample sources of water, shelter, and food. Eager to gain entry into your house, pests can be pretty sneaky about finding their way inside. Once they do make it in, they start reproducing and growing until you have a full-blown infestation on your hands.

No homeowner wants to face pest infestation. It’s a total nightmare that can have seriously detrimental effects on your property and your loved ones. That’s why we offer year-round home pest protection.

We offer comprehensive residential pest control coverage for a long list of common household pests, including cockroaches, ants, centipedes, millipedes, fleas, mice, rats, spiders, and many others.

From the very first inspection, all the way throughout our continued follow-up visits, we’re with you every step of the way. Our team is composed of highly trained pest experts who have extensive experience in the detection and elimination of pest infestation. Reach out to us today to get a detailed quote.

Commercial Pest Control In Toney, AL

When pests get into your business, everything is compromised. Not only is your reputation threatened, your inventory damaged, and your property destroyed, but you must also consider the health and safety of your employees and customers. Commercial pest infestation is a large-scale nightmare, and it’s important to protect yourself. The best way to guard your Toney business against pest activity is to rely on a team of seasoned pest professionals.

The team at Custom Pest Control is proud to provide comprehensive commercial pest control solutions that Toney business owners can rely on all year long. After conducting an extensive inspection in order to identify all pest activity, we will come up with a customized treatment plan developed specifically to suit your needs. We come back for follow up throughout the year to keep things pest-free and protected. Our flexible scheduling options let you book your service appointments at your own convenience.

Three Common Misconceptions About Fleas In Toney, AL

When we hear the word “fleas,” most of us assume it’s strictly a threat to household pests. However, fleas can also feed on human blood. They tend to prefer hairy mammals like cats and dogs, as the hair gives them something to latch onto easily, but that doesn’t mean that human blood is out of the question. They are still parasites after all. Here are three other misconceptions that people have about fleas:

1. Some people think you can only get fleas by spending time outdoors. You and your pets do not need to be outside to get fleas. These parasites can hitch a ride into your home via other people, other animals, and other objects being brought inside.

2. Some think fleas prefer carpeting, but they can actually hide pretty much anywhere in your home. They can attach themselves to furniture, clothing, bedding, baseboards, and a slew of other surfaces. Just because you’ve cleaned the carpet or rug doesn’t mean you’re in the clear!

3. Some people think if they’ve gotten rid of all the visible fleas, the problem is solved. Unfortunately, fleas lay massive numbers of eggs in your space, so even if you’ve destroyed a couple of intruders, there is likely a new batch waiting to hatch and infest all over again.

If you want guaranteed protection from fleas, the smartest thing you can do is reach out to a professional pest control company. The team at Custom Pest Control is thoroughly experienced in detecting and eliminating fleas from Alabama properties, and we’re ready to help you. Call us today.

Why Ridding Your Toney, AL Property Of Rodents Shouldn't Be Your Next DIY Project

When rodents infest, the situation can quickly grow out of control until you have a full-blown infestation on your hands. They breed rapidly, spreading their populations throughout your property until the scope of the infestation is unmanageable. As they reproduce and grow, rodents spread germs and bacteria around your property, contaminating food sources and vulnerable surfaces. This exposes you to a long list of diseases, and adverse health reactions. Not only is your health compromised, but so is your safety. Rodents chew through structural elements of your property. They can weaken the construction, threaten the structural integrity, and can even cause fires by gnawing on electrical wiring.

The consequences of a rodent infestation are many, and DIY methods of prevention are seldom effective. Rodent infestation is a large-scale problem that cannot be dealt with alone. The most effective form of protection you can secure is professional rodent control services. Custom Pest Control gives you the certainty that DIY solutions never could. We promise rodent-free conditions all year long, so contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling.


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